Gym Wall Padding: Choosing the Set-Up That’s Right For You

gym wall padding customizedGym wall padding is an essential safety addition to any gymnasium. Not only will it improve the safety of your gym, it also improve the appearance and help absorb noise. The padding panels can be personalized with your school name and are available in a wide range of colors.

Standard wall panels are manufactured out of  1/2 inch plywood, 2 inch thick bonded foam with 6 lb. density, and double coated 14 oz. vinyl. Gym wall protection panels come in standard sizes, or can be customized to fit  your exact requirements such as cut outs for outlets, vents, recessed doors, columns or I-beams. All panels can be ordered with a fire retardant Vonar inner liner, to meet any fire codes.

gym wall padding personalizedStage protection pads provide a level of safety for schools whose auditorium area doubles as a gymnasium. Some stage pads use a Velcro strip enabling you to remove pads when not in use. Velcro attached pads can also be used to protect bleachers when not in use, Univents located courtside, and operable partitions.

Outdoor pads are also available : Manufactured out of 1/2 inch exterior treated plywood with 18 oz. Double coated vinyl . These pads are ideal for protecting objects near playing field. Ex: portable classrooms, storage containers and chain link fence.

Indoor/Outdoor pad installation depends on type of wall construction and preference. Gym wall panels are generally installed over 3/4 inch wood furring. This creates an air space between the wall and pad and can be attached at three locations instead of two. A standard size pad comes with or without nailing margins. gym wall padding steel beamsThis Lip/Margin can be used to attach the panel to a wall surface. Another type of installation is a Z-Clip hanger attached bracket and would eliminate the need for nailing margins.

To summarize, there are many types of pads that can be used:

  1. Standard panel size with 1/2” plywood covered with 14oz. Vinyl coated polyester flame resistant, mildew and UV resistant .
  2. Class A Fire Retardant pad which has a Vonar Inner liner.
  3. Velcro attached pads are custom made to specific sizes and location needs: Stages, Bleachers, Univents, Operable Partitions, Electrical Supply Boxes and columns.
  4. Outdoor Pads have an 18oz. Vinyl fully encasing the panel and can be used to protect Goal Posts, Railings and any outdoor obstructions.

Mats and protective equipment are not the complete answer to eliminating or reducing injuries. It is more important that falls be prevented rather than to assume that the fall will occur. It will be difficult to establish absolute mat requirements for every situation. In a gymnasium, mats should never be idle. There is always a place for additional mats.

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