10 Tips To Increase Participation

Transform the way students view the cafeteria by making changes to the environment:

  1. ‘Brand’ the cafeteria with a name (Could be based on school mascot, for example: ‘The Dog House’ or ‘Pirate’s Cove’)
  2. Introduce a color scheme to the dining and serving area
  3. Install a variety of seating types (Booths, Counters, Hi-top Tables)
  4. Create a specially decorated table or area for the band, sports team or other groups
  5. Display colorful artwork to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles
  6. Plan a space to focus on student produced artwork
  7. Get new menu boards to make choices look more attractive
  8. Speed up the line by taking condiments out of the servery and into the dining space with the use of condiment centers on castors with lockable storage
  9. Improve traffic flow with directional signage
  10. Use enclosed trash receptacles (just like quick serve restaurants) to hide unappetizing trash and encourage students to keep the area clean


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