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Plastic wood bases for your lockers

Plastic wood bases are a great solution for locker bases.  They anchor lockers to the wall at the top and bottom in rear, and into base through the bottom shelf. What are the benefits? They are hardy (can withstand activity such as being bumped into with cleaning machinery etc.) Do not need to be drilled into […]

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How to Design a Physical Education Locker Room

There are many variations of lockers available on the market, so how do you choose just the right one? When it comes to choosing or designing lockers for Physical Education class applications, there are size and security considerations. Following are some guidelines to help you make an informed decision: Size: For Physical Education lockers, you […]

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How To Choose High School Corridor Lockers

When it comes to choosing the right corridor lockers, it’s important to understand what your options are and what’s best for your school. How many students are there? One of the first questions you may ask when looking to purchase high school lockers is how many students will be using these lockers. Then you must […]

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Protect From Break-Ins at Your School

Locker break-ins continue to be a higher concern due to students storing more and more valuable items such as computers/laptops, music devices and smart phones in their lockers throughout the day. Not to mention the ease of learning how to break into a lock through the internet. This is why Master Lock developed BlockGuard™ Anti-Shim technology, […]

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Designing Locker Rooms: Deciding Between Metal Or Plastic lockers

Deciding between plastic or metal lockers for your locker rooms? Well, depending on where you are putting the lockers is key to what type of locker to choose. Here are 3 tips to help decide which locker is best for your location:

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